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What is Pillage?

Pillage is a set of rules designed to be played with miniatures.
It is a "wargame", which could be translated here as a history game with miniatures, dealing with the so-called "Viking" period, from late antiquity to the early Middle Ages.

These rules have been designed to simulate skirmishes with 28mm miniatures of which there are many manufacturers on the market.
They have also been designed to offer simple, but not simplistic, rules of play, allowing for short or long games depending on the number of combatants on the table.

The features of Pillage :

  • Skirmish game
  • Simplicity of the game rules
  • Emphasis on a looting/raiding system
  • Alternating turns
  • Simultaneous battles

You can find information about the rules on this site, but don't hesitate to follow the game on Youtube, where videos explaining the rules are available.