Pillage, a skirmish rule for the Viking Age

Pillage is a game written to be played in a relaxed setting, with friends, over drinks and other treats.
These rules were written to meet a need specific to the JHP (Jeux d'Histoire du Ponant) club, for which we had a project to play the Viking period but where no rules seemed to fit.
They were therefore written for this purpose.

You should know that these are simple rules, in order to be able to quickly play skirmish games on a period going from late antiquity to the Middle Ages, let's say, to be more precise, from 793 (looting of Lindisfarne Abbey) to 1066 (battle of Hastings).

The period is vast, of course, but the relative similarity of the methods used to fight has made it possible to establish here common rules for all warriors of this period.
As you will discover when you read the rules, they are essentially based on the characters' equipment.

Rules for playing the plunderer

For, as the name suggests, the Looting rules allow you to play raids on villages and other abbeys.
A system is described, allowing to plunder, steal and collect wealth on the battlefield.
There is also a system for playing with fire, and starting fires.
A lot of fun with friends!

A simple game without being simplistic

Pillage is meant to be simple. The rules can be assimilated in about thirty minutes and a classic game will not exceed two hours of play.
The emphasis is on the characters' equipment. Thus it is very easy to know how the battle will unfold simply by looking at the miniatures and comparing the attackers' weapons with the defenders' equipment.
A table allows you to obtain the values to obtain to hurt your opponent.

Another important point is that you don't need any special dice to play Pillage. Simple D6s are enough. Distances are measured in inches, but rulers are provided in the rulebook. Just print them out and cut them out!

Pillage on YouTube

Pillage is a living project, which continues to grow over time. It is also a one-person project.
So to keep the rule alive, I regularly share painting and scenery tutorials, as well as videos explaining the rules.

Don't hesitate to follow Pillage on YouTube!

But enough of this useless palaver, download the Looting rules and make way for the clash of weapons, the fury of combatants and the shattering of shields!